We are sharp and deliver high quality end products

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Sharp core competencies

It is our belief that good solutions require that you know your core competencies and not trying to bank all over the place. It's always a risk when it comes to IT and especially web development. 

  • Our core competencies are web development based on Microsoft technology. 
  • If your business needs help with new servers or e-mail setup, we will be there for you.
  • We use Umbraco or Sitecore in all solutions dealing with content control ring to the net.
  • Otherwise we use ASP.NET to all the other solutions.

High quality of our projects

  • Quality must be what shines through in everything we do. That we do not compromise.
  • This means that we are able to say no to a project that we believe to be outside of our core competencies. 
  • A successful project in our view is when both the customer and we are quite happy with the final product. 
  • We ensure quality by performing depth analysis and dialogue with the client before we begin implementation. 
  • When developers get behind the keys of all aspects resolved there is no doubt about what the product is for.

We work following the SPRINT method

Most of our work is project-based, with well-defined targets and deadlines. Our project work is conducted by the SPRINT method. 


SPRINT method from client’s perspective: 

  • INSOFT Digital starts by defining several steps for the implementation of the website.  
  • At the commencement of each step the client is presented with our planning and ideas, and is given an opportunity to add suggestions and express any prospective concerns.
  • Direct intervention by the client during each such step is discouraged, to allow work to proceed efficiently.   
  • At the end of each “sprint” step, the client is presented with the results and has time to review the work, and provide feedback, and any related observations on a timeline to be agreed upon.  

From Insoft Digital's experience, such an approach allows for ample client involvement, while minimizing implementation delays and excessive time commitments by either side for back-and-forth communication.