We strongly believe in communication and high quality solutions

Read about our core values, mission and our vision.

We work on three continents

We work globally and it gives us better opportunities to put it all in perspective, streamline our working methods, and keep prices at a reasonable level. Insoft Digital has grown and includes two main offices, in Europe and North America.  A new office is in development in Sao Paolo, Brazil. So, our work became more and more worldwide, with offices on three continents:

  • Europe: Odense, Denmark
  • North America, Toronto, Canada  
  • South America, Sao Paolo, Brazil

As you can see in our portfolio, we have customers in several countries and at provincial and world levels:

  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • Romania
  • Brazil
  • Provincial: Clinical Laboratory Management Asociation (CLMA) - Trillium Chapter (Ontario)
  • Worldwide: International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC)

Unique Web Solutions

Insoft Digital's mission, vision and values are:

  • To develop cutting-edge web solutions using intelligent and sound software. 
  • To develop solutions or products to meet customers' needs and our own expectations:
  • With no compromises.

We communicate clearly

  • Our aim is to communicate in clear, simple language which everyone can understand. 
  • We do not go through long, intricate, technical explanations to justify the lack of quality. 
  • We will talk "technically", when we have to work together with other professionals involved in the project.

Focus on customer needs

  • You will always be able to understand what we talk about.
  • It is actually quite crucial for our work, as we have 100% focus on the customer.
  • The solutions we develop are tailored to your specific needs.
  • We use standard technology to avoid starting from scratch with each project
  • Our solutions could be unique from customer to customer.

Professionalism and resonable prices

Web development has long being a business. There are still some hobby like web development 'deals' on the market and, sometimes, amateurism. One gets what one pays for. 

  • We offer seriousness and professionalism all the way. 
  • You're in safe hands with us. 
  • Our prices are competitive, and can be discussed.