From Insoft to... Insoft Digital

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Life before Google's dominance

We are a newer business, no doubt about it, but we actually have a story that is over 11 years old. In 2002, a hot summer, two web enthusiastic, Ion and Liz, set the foundation stone for a small freelance company, unique at the time. 

  • They saw the potential in something then - like science fiction: serious web development. 
  • At that time the Altavista was one of the big boys on the search market. Do you remember them? In Denmark, we spent a lot with Jubii and Yahoo. 
  • The idea of ​​the freelancer company, which was called "Intelligent Software" or "Insoft", was to gather web enthusiastics, with different interests and abilities, and work together to build one better web experience.

From hobby to full-time projects

Life as a freelancer was quite fun in the beginning: a few selected projects and a lot of time to solve them. However, it was a bit complicated when others saw the same potential, but also economic gains. Both Ion and Liz went on freelance, but part-time, while they each had full time jobs. They both work in web developement, web communication, as designers and at managing projects at organizations such as National Board of Health and the University of Southern Denmark. Liz has been at SickKids in Toronto, Canada, working for the Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine all these years. It has given them a whole different understanding of what the Web means, and the relationship with the business potentials. They have not dropped a freelance fishing and have, over the years, built a fairly large network, with 15 web experts: developers, web communication specialists, designers and producers of e-Newsletters and intelligent, interactive forms, consultants and project managers.

It has been ... Insoft

Insoft (Intelligent Software) has not arisen from thin air, but from hard work and a dream to be able to take web development one step further, in a time when giants like Google, Facebook and Apple dominate the market. Microsoft  has existed long before Google or Facebook, and will most likely continue to produce unique products. Insoft is in fact a web agency specializing in web  and e-development based on Microsoft  and Adobe technologies. All of these represent us: Strong believers in dedication, professionalism and unique solutions.

It is now... Insoft Digital

It is quite complicated to find a good company name. In the end, with a brand new website, offering a wide range of web and e-solutions, and with our agency growing steadily, we decided for Insoft Digital. And it fits perfectly with our philosophy. We must develop digital solutions using intelligent software.