Insoft Digital's Management

Insoft Digital is a young, technically sharp business and it has a main core team behind. Meet those who are in the front line.

  • Ion Toporan, M.Sc. (IT)
    Ion Toporan, M.Sc. (IT)Development
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  • Liz Andronesi, B.Eng
    Liz Andronesi, B.EngInformation Management
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  • Bogdan Andronesi, B.A., J.D.
    Bogdan Andronesi, B.A., J.D.Legal & Information Management Adviser
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  • Catalin Stefan, B.A.
    Catalin Stefan, B.A.Creative Design
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  • Christian Vester Nielsen, M.Sc.
    Christian Vester Nielsen, M.Sc.Marketing & Sale
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  • Morten Larsen
    Morten LarsenDevelopment
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  • Kristin W. Grøndhal
    Kristin W. GrøndhalSupport
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  • Hans Frederiksen
    Hans FrederiksenLead Developer
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  • Victor Alexander
    Victor AlexanderePub Project Manager
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