We have solved many tasks. Some of them unique. Just like our customers, all projects unique. Read three cases, which we see as something out of the usual.

IFCC - Worldwide and complex NGO challenged Insoft

This project was not the biggest one, but it was the most challenging. The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) is a large, leading international non-profit organization leading the world of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. Their online universe was almost nonexistent before Insoft entered into an agreement with IFCC. It was not the biggest project we have been running, but it was probably the most exciting and challenging.  IFCC covers five continents and is a complex organization of committees and subgroups. The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) is a worldwide leading NGO and it has a range of roles that include global standard setting in collaboration with other international organizations. See the IFCC website

HCA - Small hospital with big potential

H. C. Andersen Klinikken is a private held hospital in Odense, Funnen, Denmark and operated by specialists with many years of experience. The clinic has six beds and provides care in 15 specialties. There are a total of 20 medics, one dietician, two medical secretaries and about 14 nurses. The majority of specialists are concurrently employed in public hospitals as specialists / consultants, thus maintaining their great experience and expertise in the treatments carried out on private hospital Andersen Clinic.

Until recently, the hospital was anonymous in regard to online presence, so the management decided that was time to have a website with relevant information to all its clients and potential clients. Insoft was hired to take the project at the next level of proficiency, and the results were almost quite good. See it for yourself!

Rosas Tapas - A piece of Spain in Denmark

Spain and Denmark in one place. It is the best description of Rosas Tapas. A very nice selection of wines, food and other goods from Spain, are available for many Danes in a physical store, a ... Danish way that everyone can understand and relate to. Rosas Tapas wanted a "simple" website that would tell a story. This site is not used for e-commerce, but there are many dreams and plans. For now, the owners want to keep as is. They will just tell a story online and hope to get many visitors in the real world. And it seems to work. Read Rosas Tapas's story.