Web architecture

Great dreams are often the source of the best solutions. We have mastered IT strategies and can "draw" each idea into something quantifiable, even when several complex IT systems must "talk" together.

Keep it simple

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", Leonardo da Vinci said around 600 years ago, and it still applies today. Perhaps more than at those times, especially in the IT area. 

We see all too often that new web solutions are strained on a very complicated and confusing manner. Finally, neither the customer, nor the supplier would say much about the result. 

  • Insoft Digital does things in a different way, and has high demands
  • The whole thing should be easy to understand, uncluttered and elegant 
  • We must always be able to explain and show what the solution is
  • If we cannot, we have not found the right solution.

Integration is always the way forward

You probably have two or more IT systems, living their own lives. When a new web solution is to be implemented, you can choose 

  • to build it as a completely autonomous system, or
  • to integrate it with existing systems, so that they are able to exchange data. 

The latter is almost always our recommendation. We like to take a moment to look through these systems and see how we can get them to "talk" together (e.g.: via web services.)

Integration Example

If you want to sell your products online, we provide web shop solutions, but you have to create the products in the new web shop. 

  • The goods (data) may already exist in a system where you have inventory management, product information, pricing, etc.
  • We will integrate the web shop with the financial system, so you actually do not take the time to create the data. 
  • You can just start selling online the day after we have delivered the web shop. 

This is what we call integration!

Should there be a clean-up?

When we develop new solutions, we do not change the existing IT setup, unless we are asked about it, and only after a thorough and in-depth analysis. It can often prove to be a good idea and opportunity to clean up the company's IT systems. That comes with fewer headaches, fewer sleepless nights and not negligible financial savings.