Reliable advice yields
professional results time and again

Good advice requires business and technical acumen. We take the time to understand your organization and your situation. We can help with both strategic analysis and a concrete plan of action.

We understand your business

Tailored advice does not come off the shelf. Our method never fails: we understand our customers' needs and cater to them. Be it in-depth communication with a new client or ongoing cooperation with an existing one, ensuring we are on the same page is how we improve your online presence. Did we mention our technical know-how and sharp eye to your success?

Consulting with Insoft could move you forward

Our InsoftConsult arm has a variety of methods and areas of focus up its collective sleeves:

  • Strategic workshops with both management and relevant employees/stakeholders;
  • In-depth analysis of your organisation's current IT architecture, in close collaboration with your IT department, if you have one;
  • Taking a closer look at your company's operations, where necessary;.
  • Defining a project and establishing criteria for your desired outcomes.

Strategic overview for a concrete action plan

We believe that any good approach requires strategic insight into our client's business model. Depending on a project's size, these could be achieved by:

  • Meeting with the customer or arranging a workshop, based on the project's needs; 
  • Using analytical models to map your current strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities, so as to find the appropriate web solutions to move you forward;
  • Concluding with strategic recommendations and a concrete plan of action.

Common understanding backed by a clear blueprint

  • Our strategic analysis and planning leads the client and Insoft Digital to a common understanding of a website's objectives. 
  • A clear and detailed blueprint describes each step of the delivery and each party's tasks, to achieve those objectives. 
  • These serve to evaluate the end product based on mutually established benchmarks.