A quick way to teach, test and have your employees certified

With over 12 years of experience in e-learning, in industries as diverse as car manufacturing, power and paper plants, retail and defense, medical and transportation services, we can confidently say we have seen and done almost everything in the field.

Our products are SCORM or AICC compliant

  • Our expertise allows us to deliver web-based e-learning applications and courses enriched with high-quality 3D animations and simulations.
  • All of our products are SCORM or AICC compliant and ready to be installed on your LMS (i.e. Learning Management System).
  • Our Flash assets are developed with XML back-end-driven content.

Incorporating e-Learning assets and courses

  • Upon request, we can develop custom LMS's or we can use MOODLE to incorporate your e-learning assets and courses into your desired Learning Management Tool.
  • We can also develop assessment systems using ASP or C++ back-end technology; connected to a MySQL database, this will enable you to review student progress and participation.
  • With our assistance, you have access to a wide range of technologies for your e-learning needs, such as: HTML5, CSS3, JSON, PHP, ASP.Net, and ActionScript 3.0.
  • We use the best tools on the market: Adobe Flash, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter and Lectora.
  • Our enriched 3D animations and simulations are created with Blender and 3DSMax.

Engaging e-Learning products

  • We can provide all types of storyboards, from 400-page manufacturing processes to small 30-page WHIMS and other workplace safety courses.
  • Bring us your storyboard and we will transform it into an engaging e-learning product.
  • We use strong conceptual thinking, both visual and interactive, in our work processes, so as to give your users the best possible experience.

CMS exports full Flash-based courses as end products

  • We offer an ASP-developed CMS which exports full Flash-based courses as end products.
  • The courses are integrated into a large Learning Environment, which allows users to take exams and receive certificates. 
  • Our complete package program includes dynamic text, images and flash movies, as well as dynamically loaded audio and video files.

Web-based training courses for the Retail Industry

  • Select from a variety of Web-based training courses used to training retail sales managers and sales associates.
  • Use e-Learning to give your sales' associates more confidence in product quality and improved sales abilities.