Interactive e-Publications
and Intelligent e-Forms

e-Publications might be just the way to enhance your online presence and give it substance, beyond what even a smartly designed website can do. Put information at your clients’ or members’ fingertips with electronic publications, be they journals, gazettes, newsletters or product information sheets. And if you already create hardcopy publications and mass e-mailed periodicals, you may wish to transition to the way of the future: with our array e-Pub solutions, which offer interactivity, ease of access, searchability and painless archiving. Of course, you can go even further with interactive PDFs, secure and fillable requisitions, and event organizing PDFs. Whatever your e-Pub needs, we can do that!

e-Publications: Branding, Design, Layout and Production

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Our e-Publications are interactive, with user-friendly inside links, as well as links to external websites and other reference materials. The e-Pub of your choice can be posted online and/or mass e-mailed to subscribers as an attachment. The only limit to our e-publishing offerings are your needs:

  • eNewsletteres, Scientific Journals, and Annual Reports;
  • eBrochures, eBooks, eMagazines, and eAlbums;
  • Web Catalogs, and Product Information Sheets;
  • Any other digital publishing formats.

We can advise you about the scope and manner of publication, including some or all of the following:

  • branding and design;
  • type of layout;
  • interactivity and, where needed, user-fillable content;
  • document production;
  • posting and archiving the e-publication.       

Page-flipping publications

Once the digital e-Pub is developed and laid out, we can turn it into a page-flipping publication, for online or offline viewing. We can also integrate the flipping version into your website. The page-flipping publication maintains all the features and interactivity of the non-flipping document (i.e. links for navigation inside the document, accessing outside content and resources, etc.).

 Animated an flipping e-publishing is a high quality model to add more details and realism to your projects. Below are a few examples of where these could aply. 

  • online Brochures;
  • online Catalogs
  • eMagazines
  • eAnnual Reports
  • eNewsletters
  • eScientific Journals
  • ePresentations
  • eBooks

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E JIFCC New 2015 Thumb Flip For Web   Gazette Nov2013 Cover Flip   IFCC Enewsletter Cover Flip3     

Interactive e-Forms and e-Requisitions

We cover all your requirements for fillable forms and requisitions, from branding and design, to interactivity and security features. Depending on your production needs,we design using the entire array of Adobe applications: InDesign, LiveCycle Designer and Acrobat Professional. For an idea about the types of forms and requisitions we can create please follow any of the links below. Some of the documents are proprietary to their owners, and as such publically-available external links are provided for illustration purposes only.

Clinical Requisitions and Forms (not interactive)

  • CAMH - Clinical Laboratory Testing Requisition (click on the image below)


Fillable and Save-able Interactive Forms and Clinical Requisitions (interactive)

  • CAMH - Clinical Laboratory Testing Requisition (click on the image below)

 CAMH Reqfill   CAMH Req Branding-e-Pub

To have a broader idea about our requisitions’ branding, design, e-fillability, interactivity and security features, please contact us with a request at:

 Event organizing through Websites or Interactive PDFs

For clients who need a temporary website to organize an event (such as: symposia, conferences, congresses or other events), we can create websites hosted on our servers for as long as needed.

  • for these websites the client does not have to buy a website domain.
  • they will be simply hosted on one of our domains and on our servers.

For clients who don't want to set up a website for a temporary event, or whose clientelle has no access to the website, but who still need information support for event organizing, we can create PDF documents which act like a "mini-website" inside the pdf itself. The same document would include the event poster page, with links to Program, Registration Form, Location, Accommodations, etc., as separate pages, or as a full document. Than, such PDFs can be:

  • e-mailed as an attachment;
  • posted on a pre-existing website;
  • we can even host the document on our servers to be accessed and/or downloaded at any time and from anywhere.

IPF SymposiumFor illustration, please click on the image below to see a sample event organizing PDF. The document is interactive, with navigation throughout, and links to travel information and accommodations. It has a Registration page, which is fillable and printable.