Visibility, accessibility and speed

The ultimate goal of a website is to find specific information. Therefore, a website is developed with both, people and systems, in mind. So, the final purpose, is a website running optimally, user friendly, and easy to update and maintain by non-professional staff.

The battle for Google

There is no need to explain what Google is. Each of us knows it, and seeks out information by 'googling it.' Anyone is happy to find what they are looking for. 

  • The reason is that Google sends some "robots" out there, on the internet, to read virtually everything (it is called indexing).
  • The information is stored on their own servers. 
  • When we look for something, by searching, Google pulls a result set from the server and displays it as a link. 
  • How Google establishes which site should be No.1 it is not known, and one can only guess how it's done.
  • If there is someone promising to make your website the # 1 on Google, do not believe it, because they realistically cannot.

We do not promise the impossible

  • We do not promise we can make your website to hit on Google, unless you are willing to invest money on advertising campaign.
  • But we can promise that your website will be well equipped for the meeting with Google's robots, and it will have all the things we know Google expects from a website. 
  • Combined with the editor's work, you're sure to get a good score in the eternal "battle" for Google and may be able to win some matches.

Look at your competitors

Your website is probably not unique, whether you sell, inform or lead a campaign. Your competitors may offer similar services. Together, we can identify them and watching their web solutions, so we can get your site better. The outcome of the better website: a higher ranking in Google indexing. We use professional tools, recognized methods and a lot of common sense.


Although we do not know much about Google's recipe for indexing - nobody does it besides Google itself - we know one thing: the content on your site is crucial. 

  • The website has to be written well targeted, updated and "decorated" with the right meta information (meaning "information about information"). These can add up some extra points with Google for the website. 
  • Adding up some extra points – if possible - should be the web editor’s responsibility.  And the editor could be you, another employee or, maybe, a journalist. 
  • Insoft Digital will equip your site with all the necessary tools.
  • We provide comprehensive instructions on how to write on the network. You will be provided, for free, access to an introduction on how to write on the network.