Projects that always end well
and on time

We are good at managing IT projects. We have certified Project Management professionals. We typically use the PRINCE2 methodology, but we always adapt to our customers' needs. Put us to the test!

On top of things

A successful web project, in fact any project, requires a 100% control of three main elements:

  1. time to be used to achieve tasks
  2. resources involved in the project
  3. the meters to be achieved

In the field’s slang it is called project management triangle, and it will one of the things we will look close at the beginning of every new project, big or small. 

  • We devote the time and resources available and, with the customer agreement, we measure and estimate; so everybody knows where we are going. 
  • We also help in communicating the project triangle to those involved in the project; therefore everyone should be confident when thinking about details such as time, resources, quality, etc.

We use recognized methods

  • Our customers are very different: large and small businesses, public organizations and NGOs, etc.
  • For all of them Insoft Digital has the same basic approach: using accepted methods and principles (tested many times before), so they rarely fail. 
  • Our project managers are certified in Prince2 method, a generic way to run projects, and in Scrum, an agile development methodology with special emphasis on project management. 
  • This is the best of both worlds, for the customer’s benefit and all our projects. Commonly, Insoft Digital works with the more responsive method for each project.

We adapt to the customer

We do not change our basic methods; they have been tested so many times, but we will look very closeley to our customer needs. We will try to straighten our way of working accordingly. In other words, we adjust and adapt the project, both initially and during its progress.

A project that starts well, goes well, and ends well

Over the years, we have run a significant number of projects with great success. Occasionally, any project faces bumps in the road. The hallmark of good project management is how one deals with those bumps to save the project and complete it successfully. For us, in the Web world, that means being creative, responsive and good at what you do.