It's all about communication

A good web strategy ensures that the project does not exceed schedules and budgets. It also provides an overview and keeps track of time and finances.

Web strategy is about communication

There are perhaps many goals when looking for a new web solution. 

  • You might sell new products, or changing the attitude toward presenting the products, and/or your company. 
  • It might as well be that your goal is to achieve efficiency, cost savings, or better online customer service. 
  • Or, simply, doing things in a better way. 

We have done it before, so we are ready to help you on every step of the way, from concept and thinking, into action. 

Tell us what you wish to accomplish

There is no hocus-pocus or secret in our work. 

  • We are good at listening and therefore the collaboration begins with a dialogue.
  • We do not start by showing you beautiful graphics, colors or designs.
  • It is more like when you think to build a house: you do not start talking first about building materials type, the carpet size or color, but to talk about what type of your dream house is.

Understanding your business and your needs

We ask questions to identify the target groups, objectives and user's needs. So we can come with a strong web strategy. 

  • Every detail, some appearing insignificant, must be clarified and answered. 
  • It helps both, Insoft Digital and the customer, to focus on what needs to be done. 
  • And, also, to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.

Communication is the key, but we have a toolbox

Talk is not everything we do in this phase. To make sure that we do end up with the right strategy

  • We use tools that allow analysis of raw facts and figures that never fails. 
  • We observe and analyze traffic and traffic analysis, including using programs such as Google Analytics, Siteimprove or Gemius, and server log files, as the current solution must rely on them.

.Workshops and informal meetings

Insoft Digital conducts analysis and creates web strategies by working closely with our clients. We have seen in many projects with the best results achieved through informal meetings. These meetings allow good humor and put together bright ideas. In some situations, especially where there are many stakeholders, we can arrange a one day workshop, or some teleconferences.

Dynamic strategy

Information technologies, above all, Web technologies, are constantly changing, leading to a constant pressure on most businesses and organisations; especially on those who have long-term plans.

  • It is impossible for customers to get a website every time something new comes within range.
  • It is, therefore, extremely important to have a clear web strategy to ensure that the website’s needs should quickly and easily be adapted, without major investments
  • Our world is changing. Therefore, a company's web strategy has to be dynamic and adapting to new changes
  • We conduct regular surveys and revisions of strategies to ensure that they are strong and prepared for the future.