Your customers are already
on the phone. Are you?

We develop intelligent web solutions, which even find out if your visitors are using a browser, a smartphone or a tablet.

Meet your customers on the go

It is highly likely that your customers already have a Smartphone. Whether it's iPhone, Samsung, HTC or Nokia it does not matter. Many of them may also have a tablet, maybe an iPad. And they use them diligently and daily. The users wish to find what they are looking for in seconds, and if the information is unreadable, they will proceed to the next, perhaps your competitor. 

This applies to both, companies that sell to private individuals, and otherorganizations. It is no longer enough to be present online by having a website. Your customers have not necessarily high demands on your website, but they might have expectancies to access the information from their Smartphones.

One solution for everything

You may be thinking that it is fancy and expensive apps or mobile applications, but it is not.

  • With mobile, we believe smart websites that adapt themselves automatically.
    • Accessed the site via a PC, ie. through a browser, your website in its full width.
        • If there is a 10 inch laptop, the site scale down to it. And the same goes for tablets or iPhone. 
        • This does not mean that we develop one solution for each situation. It is one solution that fits all. 
        • If you already have a website we can easily make it mobile. In technical terms, states resposnive design. Read more here. (LINK)

Reload one place

By developing your website with built-in "intelligence" also means that your business does not need to maintain the information in several places, where it can easily go wrong. 

  • Everything has a place straightforward. 
  • This, in turn, requires a little discipline and a bit of web knowledge, but we can also help, through our educational/training opportunities.

Try it

Our website, where you are on now, is "mobile". 

  • Try to access our website via a Smartphone and you will see how it adapts to the small screen, without having to zoom or otherwise. 
  • Do not have a Smartphone? Minimize the browser’s window a bit. The content moves and adapted to the screen. It is simple and smart.