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With a Sitecore based website, your company can always be sure of a website that works smoothly and has positive feedbaks.

Enterprise solutions

Based on Microsoft technology, Sitecore is a Danish product developed by the company with the same name, and has been on the market since 2001. 

  • Sitecore can be used for all types of websites, from small, campaign websites, company website to large enterprise solutions.
  •  It is also widely used by the Danish government organizations and large private companies. 
  • The small companies are not prevented from using the system, but Sitecore requires a license, which is a price beyond the costs to develop the web solution.

Impressive user interface

Sitecore cost does not mean that you have to run away from it.

  • The quality is along with the price. 
  • Sitecore is quite a complex and sophisticated system and can be used to solve the most complex problems. 
  • Those developing Sitecore has spent some time building an impressive user interface. 
  • It makes working with web content an experience in itself, and
  • It is very easy for your employees to create and update content on a daily basis.

Integration Options

The complexity of Sitecore is linked to the endless possibilities that come with the system.

  • These may include running numerous applications directly in Sitecore user interface, so your employees do not have to work in multiple systems. Everything can be managed from one place. 
  • Furthermore, Sitecore support direct integration with other systems, eg SharePoint or Salesforce, to mention just two possibilities.

We are Sitecore certified developers

We are experts in Sitecore, and have been a supplier to many solutions. We know what we do, know all Sitecore corners, and can bring this expertise to our customers' advantage. 

In addition, we have Sitecore certified developers, so you know you are in good hands.

Who uses Sitecore

As already mentioned, Sitecore is used extensively by the Danish public companies (eg parliament), several universities (eg University) and major private companies 8eks. Niras). Also used Sitecore of several foreign famous names such as.  Microsoft,  Siemens,  Canon,  Toshiba, Panasonic.

  • Learn more about Sitecore

    Does it sound that Sitecore is something your company needs? Contact us for an informal chat about Sitecore and your options. You can read more about Sitecore at the producer's website.