We take responsibility and make agreements you can trust

We enter into binding agreements langtid support and service, where you determine the form, content and scope.

Contracts you can trust

We have no problems standing for what we do. Our web solutions

  •  are of the highest quality
  • without compromise
  • trusted to keep a long time.

You do not have to take our word for it. You can get it in writing. We will, in fact, enter into long time binding agreements with the customer for support and service. You decide the content of these agreements: how much, how quickly, to what extent etc. It is agreements you can trust.

We take responsibility

  • we advise
  • find the best solutions
  • implement and deliver them on time
  • take responsibility afterwards.

 Already in the early stages of our relationship, we can offer firm commitment to support and service when the project is completed. You can, from the begining, settle the total price for both, the project and operations of the solution we provide.

Reasonable prices

  • Our primary expertise and services is to advise, design and implement web solutions. 
  • We undertake the running of the project, to provide the customer with total guarantee of product's excellence and a long-term insurance. 
  • This is also reflected in our operating rates, which more than reasonable.

Quick action

All web solutions we produce can be hosted (LINK) on our own server, which is located in FAB: IT's data center, a professional hosting company. 

  • We know the machines right down to the details and we can debug in record time. 
  • You will never experience long downtimes and pitiful regret.
  • We can not guarantee that everything is flawless (no one can.)
  • We can guarantee very quick action when accidents occur.

By phone or online

We are constantly trying to streamline our response, using as far as possible electronic communications. Each client has access to:

  • an online 24-hour self-service system,
  • online chat when necessary, and
  • a dedicated e-mail address.

What about existing solutions

You probably have web solutions developed by others, and may want to have a support agreement with us. We look over the matter, and will certainly find a solution. You are welcome to contact us for a free meeting/chat, where we can talk more specifically about the case.