Extremely user-friendly, flexible
and intuitive

We use Umbraco to build sophisticated websites that are reflected clearly. As CMS, Umbraco is flexible and can do many things, depending on your needs. Umbraco can run many types of websites, from small to very large, complex solutions. It is a scalable system and it is also why we recommend it to our customers.

Extremely user-friendly, flexible and intuitive

Umbraco is a Danish developed product that has been on the market since 2000 and used to power more than 110,000 websites around the world. The technology behind Umbraco is Microsoft based, thoughtful and stable.

Umbraco is best described as extremely simple to use and intuitive, two qualities that are quite important for your own employees to work with the website on a daily basis.

No license

You do not pay a penny for license, as Umbraco is an open source system. It does not mean it is free to get a website built on Umbraco, but when the product is delivered, there would be no license payment, meaning huge amount of savings, which is not the case with many other products.

Cost effective

  • Umbraco's developers spend much time optimizing the system all the time, and we do the same when we build web solutions based on Umbraco. 
  • The result is a relatively low operating cost, especially if you choose to have it hosted through our own Umbraco dedicated hosting solution. 
  • You might as well use your own IT solutions, especially if you already have an IT department that can handle it.

We have built with Umbraco

Umbraco is the system our customers choose most often. We have already built some websites using Umbraco. Among them we can mention:

  1. Our own website (that you are now on)
  2. International Federation of Clinical Chemestry (IFCC)
  3. Søgedatabsen the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (CNPU)
  4. Private Hospital figure HCA Clinic
  5. Rincón Iberoamericano
  6. Diagnóstico Invitrogen

Who is using Umbraco

In addition to our own customers, there are also many others who have chosen Umbraco. Mix the most well known, we can mention

  1. Microsoft (http://www.msdn.com)
  2. Heinz ( http://www.heinz.com/ )
  3. ScanDisk ( http://www.sandisk.com/ )
  4. Take That ( http://www.takethat.com/ )

Try Umbraco, absolutely free

You are welcome to try out a Umbraco demo, which we make available, free of charge. Like what you see and experience, please feel free to contact us to learn more about your options.LINK TO DEMO